Aluminium laminated pouches made by VP Medical Packaging

Aluminium laminate as an excellent barrier protecting medical and pharmaceutical devices

We offer a wide range of aluminium composite products which meet all your requirements, both in a standard range and with customer options.


  • Reliable aluminium composite foils for manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Secure packaging with an integrated aluminium barrier to protect the patient
  • Packaging with barrier properties that protect the contents from gas and humidity
  • For products that require functional packaging
  • Safe packaging for transportation and storage

Product Variations

  • PET/ALU/PE pouch with Tyvek® membrane for EO sterilisation
  • Various composite structures such as paper/ALU/PE or PET/ALU/PE
  • Opening options: peelable opening or opening with a non-peelable tear-off notch


For medical and pharmaceutical products which must be protected against the effects of light and humidity. Products can be kept moist during transportation or storage.

Sterilisation methods

  • irradiation
  • Ethylenoxide (for pouches with DuPont™ Tyvek® membrane)

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