VhentPeel® Vent Bag

Easy Tear

Our innovative VhentPeel® Vent Bag “Easy Tear” has a tear cut on each side that allowsan easy opening of the pouch alongside the defined tear line. This high strength film pouch with a breathable gas membrane is speciallydesigned for procedure kits or sterile sets.


  • tear cut on each side enables easy opening of the pouch alongsidethe defined tear line
  • high-strength 100 micron polyethylene film
  • DuPontTM Tyvek® with good gas permeability
  • customer-specific printing possible
  • manufacturing process and materials according to DIN EN ISO 11607


This sterile barrier system is ideal for large volume products such as:

  • procedure kits
  • sterile sets

Sterilisation methods

  • ethylene oxide
  • irradiation